In 1997 we started to work with great excitement. Our excitement, principles, responsibility sense, importance given to quality, and also the worth we gave to our employees has not changed for years. We have just changed our technology and place. ALLEGRO produces each year, bedrooms, dining rooms, and the wall unit designs by processing with care the best quality materials with the last technological machines with the industry-leading engineers and architects as suitable products for the economic conditions of nowadays.

In furniture industry, quality and speed are indispensable elements. All kinds of production, becomes an adventure. Furniture is a complicated, fast, disciplined adventure, but also filled with risks.

By the over years’ experience, ALLEGRO is among the best companies in the sector in Turkey.

ALLEGRO presents its service approach which is user-oriented to 35 different countries of the world as well as Turkey’s all provinces, towns and villages.

ALLEGRO enriching the serials with Sole Home and Merhaba, will be at the service to you dear customers with a new serial by being more solution partner.

ALLEGRO goals that, being powerful solution partner with after sales and consulting service.

Fabrika:Bursa Karayolu Turgut Özal Mahallesi No:36 İnegöl / BURSA / TÜRKİYE
Telefon: +90 224 714 25 50 (Pbx) – +90 224 714 18 00 (Pbx)
Fax: +90 224 714 25 53 – +90 224 714 24 29
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