Asal Furniture

We are Asal furniture co., one of the leading manufacturers of high quality furniture in Egypt for more than fifty years. We have along considerable experience in this field. We export classic, antique and hotel furniture for more than 27 country, our products have gained worldwide fame and became a brand in this field by exhibiting in a prestigious showrooms in Europe, U.S.A and Middle East.

We import beech wood from France , and according to universal standards and improved technologies,

we dry the wood in our factories By between 8% to 12% , also we import all raw materials from Italy. In brief we buy the best materials and machines for our production

We are known for creating classic, antique bedroom and hotel furniture that suite preference of the buyers and we have a wide collection of designs that ranges from classic to contemporary . We are also capable of executing furniture designs specified by clients.

Our factories are situated in Egypt, new Damietta city, industrial zone, with a workforce composed of more than 600 talented and high-qualified designers, draftsmen, and craftsmen.

Production factory These factories are – upholstery factory Representing ASAL GROUP.

Tel: +20572404855

Mob: +201222233760

Post office: Damietta 96

Zip code: 34517

E-mail: [email protected]

New damietta, industrial zone block 82/8 Damietta Egypt.