Consulting and Implementation By Experts On-Site

 The Wood and Furniture Industry has a demand for independent management consultancy without dependencies affecting the neutrality of these consulting services! The work of Lignum Consulting GmbH is based on this conviction. Key areas of consultancy are complete solutions for the technical, organizational, and business environment of a company. Issues and subjects surrounding the introduction of lean production principles offer a particular good opportunity for the companies to improve their processes.  Implemented initial projects are often the foundation for continuous sustainable growth. For example, by changing from a weekly batch production to an order-related daily bulk production, inventory and lead time are cut in half.


After a humble beginning more than 10 years ago, the company grew strong and maintains now offices on three continents. The team of 25+ consultants with a total of over 300 years of professional experience, advises more than 200 companies in over 20 countries. Customers benefit from this wealth of experience in the wood and furniture industry. All employees graduated from studies in the field of wood technology and also finished their apprenticeship as a cabinetmaker. And many graduated additionally from complementary studies in business economics. Company’s customers from many different countries, including Turkey appreciate this expertise, too. Among many consulting services, the projects ranged from optimizing individual processes and workspaces to new factory planning.


The headquarter office of Lignum Consulting is located near Stuttgart (Germany) in a technically modern and creatively designed two-floor building with approx. 800m² floor space. It falls significantly below the minimum legal energy requirements and serves as an ideal place for creative and concentrated work – but it also offers the proper requirements for teamwork with the customer. Facilities for internal training and workshops with the necessary technology are also available to the customer.


At Lignum Consulting, a minimum of 10 % of the working time is invested in internal and external training with particular emphasis on the experience exchange of the employees. Lignum Consulting’s credo is: “Each project is a reference.” The company also invests a lot in potentially new talents by teaching and lecturing at several universities with focus on factory planning, organization, and training of engineers and interns. Over the course of the past 10 years, more than 30 graduate students were trained at Lignum Consulting.