MMFA: Innovations are driving product standards

Ongoing innovations in multilayer flooring are spurring on the market and changing perspectives. And new solutions to familiar market requirements are making it necessary to revise standards. This is why, immediately after the summer break, the Executive Board of the MMFA (Multilayer Modular Flooring Association) led by Chairman Matthias Windmöller held a meeting with an ad hoc technical group made up of specialists from various member companies. The location of the meeting was quite relevant to the programme, as it started out with a visit to the AgPR in Troisdorf, a recycling plant for PVC flooring, where Managing Director Dr Jochen Zimmermann gave an introduction to the objectives and background of the facility.

This was followed by a number of lively discussions internally concerning the continued development of standards, test criteria and measurement procedures for the various categories of multilayer flooring. These must keep up with the fast pace of innovation whilst at the same time leaving sufficient freedom for future developments. The validity of the results will now be tested by means of interlaboratory comparisons between member companies. A further meeting will be held later this year which will aim to draw conclusions about the best way to proceed.