Natura & Design : AGT Design By Defne Koz Collection

Nature and Design in Company: AGT Design By Defne Koz Collection

Refreshing your floor and beautifying your home with a different appearance, floorings draw attention as products bringing nature to your living spaces. AGT, an expert on floorings, brings floorings that are guaranteed for many years, natural, easy to use and apply together with you. All AGT flooring series appeal to different styles, tastes and habits of use. In addition to AGT Bella Series, AGT Natura Series, AGT Concept 10 mm Flooring Series and AGT Effect Series, a new collection has been currently added to the AGT Family! AGT Design By Defne Koz Collection is ready to colour up and beautify any spaces preferred with its elegant and extraordinary designs.

Source of Inspiration of AGT Design By Defne Koz Collection

AGT Design By Defne Koz Collection, an extraordinary collection, is determined to change the picture that comes to mind when you mention ”flooring”. Because the source of inspiration of this new collection is the creativeness of nature and human! Defne Koz describes this special series as ”the inspiration of nature and the unity of design”. The floorings in the series bring creativity together with nature instead of natural wood patterns. Thus, the creativeness of nature and human comes to life in an unusual way in this special collection created thanks to the cooperation between AGT and Defne Koz. Organic patterns, rich textures and colours and natural properties of wood come together in this series in which Defne Koz brings the best aspects of nature and design together. Now, let’s have a look at the special designs in the collection.


A pattern where natural wood veins meet organic and straight lines, Spark has a voice in creating a quite spectacular space in offices, large rooms of homes, coffee shops or lobbies of hotels where strong architectural designs prevail. Spark floorings produced with ”register emboss”, a method applied to make tree textures apparent, have a thickness of 12 mm. The 15-year warranty period is a proof of the durability of Spark, in addition to this thickness.

Spark’s 4 different colour options, being Brown, Cream, Cafe and Grey, are quite successful also in terms of harmony with the colour palettes used in decoration! You just decide which colour you want to use to enrich the space with!



Defne Koz Series makes flooring not just a ”floor covering” product and attaches more responsibility to flooring in decorative sense. Bliss is a proof of this fact! Veins on Bliss floorings, preferred by those who want their floors to look richer, which are quite natural in appearance offer a perfect design because they are created in computer environment. Bliss, with its texture resembling silk, seems to be the indispensable of those who want to create a peaceful space.

Bliss floorings with a thickness of 10 mm are available in 4 colours, being Brown, Cream, Bitter and Grey. An ideal choice for office floor coverings, Bliss offers users a 15-year warranty.


The Quality of AGT and the Creativeness of Defne Koz Together

Elegance is of course important, but choosing a flooring that is not successful in terms of durability can make you unhappy. But if you prefer AGT, there is no problem and you can feel at ease! This special collection in which Defne Koz has added a new meaning to flooring stands out with its features as well as its design. As in other AGT flooring series, AGT maintains its superior quality and durability properties also in Defne Koz Collection.

Defne Koz Collection of AGT which proves its trust in the durability of the floorings it produces with long warranty periods is resistant to spot impacts and scratches such as furniture legs, shoe heels. The floorings of this special collection which is successful with its stain-proof and easy-to-clean properties are also environmentally friendly. Resistant to UV rays and affected minimally by the negative effects of solar rays, AGT floorings are easy to assemble thanks to their special locking system.