Odam Mobilya

With more than 40 years of experience, Odam Mobilya offers its customers innovative, modern and original design furniture. Odam Furniture aims to manufacture high-quality and long-lasting furnitures. 

In 1973, the foundations of Odam Mobilya were laid with the production of timber that Baba Mehmet Akyol launched on a 180 m2 area. 

In 1978, the production of Scandinavian seats began. When it came to 1988, 2nd generation work was started and furniture production started. In 2004, Akyol Furniture started branding studies and Odam Furniture was named.

Today, Odam Mobilya continues to provide services with modern furniture production facilities in a closed area of ​​10.000m2 installed on a 50.00 m2 area. Odam Furniture, which has three large stores in Istanbul, İzmit and Bursa, also delivers new generation furniture to its domestic and international customers through its franchisees. 

Akyol Furniture Ltd., which is the corporate company of Odam Mobilya Ltd. The center of the city is located in the town of İnegöl in Bursa.

Mobilya ve Ağaç İşleri İhtisas Osb.17.Sokak No:11 
Hamzabey / İnegöl / BURSA / TÜRKİYE 
T: 0850 885 30 01 |
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