Prenses Mobilya

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to create and produce human and environment friendly products in accordance with world standarts which are suitable for different lifestyles and usage habits of our consumers with our research and development activities.
Our vision is to follow the innovations and technological developments to continuously raise the quality , to move forward with a certain step towards becoming a world brand and to protect the leading company in the market. Besides, we aim to bring foreign exchange inflows to Turkey with our export-oriented works and to support the country’s economy by creating wide employment advantages in terms of labor investment.

Quality policy

In the national and international competitive environment, not only is the product economical in meeting customer demands, but also quality, reliability and timely fulfillment play an important role.
For this purpose; has determined itself as a basic quality policy by continually improving its customer demands in an economical, quality, reliable manner and in a timely manner.

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Policy

Based on the philosophy of “All our employees are worthy to work in a healthy and safe environment”, OHS Policy consists of the following principles.

  • In order to provide a healthier and safer business environment for our employees,
  • To carry out continuous improvement and development studies related to OHS applications,
  • Do not train to ensure that all employees are aware of their individual responsibilities,
  • We are committed to acting in accordance with the Labor Health and Safety Legislation and the relevant legislation.
0212 675 23 74
0212 675 23 74
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