Serhat Furniture

4 Happiness spread over five continents… The Akkaş family which has been doing business for 4 generations entered the home furniture sector for the first time in 1973. Serhat Mobilya started mass production of furniture in the late 1980s. It established Vipa Inc., which is continuing the production of goods bearing the trademark of Serhat, in the early 1990s as a second company serving under its organization. With its new manufacturing facilities founded in 2008, Serhat Mobilya is continuing its production activities in a site which comprises 35.000 m2 closed, 100.000 open area. In addition to this, it is proffering to the pleasure of customers its reach home furniture collection concept, which is prepared by tens of sup- plier companies which are serving in its own organization, at hundreds of selling points nationwide and also more than in 40 different countries over five continents.

To continue Serhat Mobilya’s accelerated and stable growth in the sector, it has determined its principles as;

Giving priority to R&D activities with the purpose of carrying out pioneering projects in the furniture sector, using its cumulative knowledge through its trading experience and with its professional staff who are innovative and have a broad vision, Staying updated, following the ever progressing technology without losing the first excitement of entrepreneurship in the state of art manufacturing facilities founded with the newest technologies in mind, Promoting the notion of comfort, aesthetic and quality in our country, taking care of the ever-changing consumer preferences via its professional staff and partners, and finally, promoting its trademark not only in domestic market but also in international market via taking an active role in the world furniture market with competitive price policy required by the market conditions in which it exists,

Serhat Mobilya transferred its trading disciplines acquired through time from one generation to the next and gave much importance to the ethic trading concept in accordance with the principles which were adopted by its individuals. Through this, without making any concessions, it has established a notion of trademark which is emphasizing high quality and aesthetic.Serhat Mobilya, offering new and constant answers to customer expectations in the changeable world conditions, will adhere to its mission and principles even in the future generations.

Our Vision 
Being a brand that create a perception of quality, aesthetics and comfort when consumers heard the word of “Serhat” in Turkey and the world.

Our Mission 
Contributing to the national economy by combining consumers’ sense of aesthetics, elegance and quality to our professional staff accumulation with keeping in mind environmental awareness.

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