The Gate Of The Leaders Opening To Eurasia: ZOW

International furniture industry, interior design accessory and equipment fair ZOW; will bring the professional leaders of the sector together for the fifth time between January 17-20, 2013. ZOW which presents a business platform feature with its stands based on the ‘business center’ design with its interior design and decoration and thanks to its visitors comply with the target group, will reach the leaders to net and effective outcomes. 

ZOW fair which bring all suppliers together regarding the furniture and interior design industry for trade and information exchange, provides the global market leaders and local manufacturers the opportunity of finding the new products instead of actually existing products in one point. ZOW that supplies the priority to its visitors and participant professionals many services such as free food service and mutual business meetings let the high level managers to direct the future trends. This fair that creates a much more effective visitor profile far from crowded image understanding, is the first class meeting point and platform of the professionals in Eurasia.

ZOW plays a unique role for the development of the sector and the creation of common markets and the sharing of new designs. Architects and engineers meet in ZOW to find innovations easily regarding the construction, design and architecture field, have an information exchange and find any product that they may need. ZOW brings the target group representatives from the international platform, fills the blanks of the furniture and sub industry which cannot be reached or focused in the other activities by architects, interior architects and designers while designing a whole project. ZOW appreciated a lot with its seminar program focused on design performed last year will also welcome leading architects, interior architects and designers of the world in 2013.

ZOW Fair had a great and very quick development which can be called fantastic since the first fair held in the year 2008. For ZOW, we bring the leading brands of the sector and the new designs together with the professionals and buyers. We let some private groups from many countries such as Iran, Pakistan, India, Algeria, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, Arabia and other Caucuses countries to come to fair by reaching the trade bodies and trade chambers included in the target market via commercial attaches in Turkey. International markets on which we have focused nominally let the participation of the brands and visitors in these markets accordingly lets the local participants to reach the target market with the support of the global communication network of Clarion Events. This is one of the most important reasons why the participants choose us, ZOW, as an international fair. ZOW has an important role in the creating of common markets and the sharing of new designs’’ ZOW Turkey Manager Aykut Engin said.

Being in the hearth of the city and close to most of participants’ production facilities or main offices, for location ZOW prefers CNR Expo Venue once again. By a sensitive approach to the selection of the main theme and profile of participants, ZOW provides a unique atmosphere to the visitors to feel themselves chosen and qualified in an elite business focused platform ZOW, in which fair the advertising activities and the marketing studies prepared in a cooperation with the participants by identifying their particular needs and targets, purposed obtaining very effective results in combined with the former studies with measurable others during the fair.

ZOW, behind new trends, answers the need of learning know-how and developments about sector by lectures and seminars during the fair. ZOW, which aims the participant’s achievements in their stands and satisfaction from the organization as a prior target, provides chances to gain new business connections to its visitors.