TOWLY Mobilya

The house value can be understood in the evening. The most important place we live in is “home”. The beauty of a house is self-conformity, the hearts of the people of the house are satisfied.

The interior of the house should create an integrity from furniture to accessories, from lighting to carpets. It must be inviting, elegant, calm and sincere. For a house to have its own nest, it must first reflect its lifestyle.

TOWLYMobilya was founded in 1993 and since then has furnished thousands of houses both in our country and in exporting countries in elegance and integrity.

TOWLY Furniture design is important and you will not find anywhere else, the proprieties produce their own special products. TOWLY Furniture closely follows the trend and fashion, making it easy to make difficult choices with a wide range of products.

Keeping your products up-to-date is the basic approach of TOWLY Furniture. It is the principle that it will not give up production without compromising quality by using advanced technology.

We are looking forward to TOWLY Furniture vendors to facilitate your choice of furniture and to equip your home with the elegance you deserve at affordable prices and payment terms.

We will continue to bring you products with aesthetic, quality, original, functional and reasonable prices. As it was since 1993 …

  • Yeniceköy Mahallesi Mobilya Caddesi No:36 İnegöl/Bursa/TÜRKİYE
  • +90 (224) 714 10 44