Wood Flooring Demand in China is Stronger than ever

This year DOMOTEX asia/CHINAFLOOR adds an entire hall to the wood sector, making four out of fifteen halls in total to be dedicated to wood, bamboo and other hard floors. The constant economy growth in China, acceleration of rural and urban construction, fast growth of real estate industry, the fast improvement of people’s living standards, as well as constant heat-up of household decoration and support of national industry policies, all provide sound market environment for wood flooring and create huge market demands. The huge house demands brought about by the urbanization, the secondary decoration of house, the demands in official and commercial places and exploration of rural market, all will release huge market demands.


French Timber states that currently the demand for wood flooring in China is twice the supply. Notably, China’s solid wood flooring industry enters the growth stage. Taking it into consideration, in 2019 DOMOTEX asia/CHINAFLOOR will make E3 a floor heating pavilion with the theme of “new standard of solid wood floor heating”, with a scale of 6,000 square meters.

Along with leading international brands, like Çamsan, one of the pioneering companies of MDF sector, and Triangulo, the leading manufacturer of hardwood flooring in South America, E3 will house the most influential domestic brands, like Jinyi Floor, which is a 30 year old brand with a substantial brand history and cultural precipitation. It is noteworthy, that Jinyi Floor deeply cultivates South America. It transports South American woods to China and has established a modern high-tech South American wood flooring production base in Shaoxing city. At DOMOTEX asia/CHINAFLOOR 2019 Jinyi floor will present their last innovation in geothermal flooring that is believed to become a turning point of the industry development. With the raw materials, obtained from high-altitude Amazon forest, Jinyi Floor is the first company in China to manufacture floor locking systems. Jinyi has built eight factories in South America (Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru). The strong raw material advantage ensures that Jinyi Floor can use the highest quality wood to produce high quality products.


As E1 will house international brands, this year Välinge will bring to DOMOTEX asia/CHINAFLOOR their innovations in flooring industry. Traditionally, the company invests a lot in the development of new innovative products and cost efficient production technologies, having one of the most comprehensive in the flooring industry patent portfolio. All R&D activities take place at their facility in Viken which is considered to be the world’s most advanced R&D center related to laminate; wood and wood-powder based flooring technology. In 2019 edition of DOMOTEX asia/CHINAFLOOR they expect to meet up with their existing licensees and find new potential one´s.

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