Absolute safety and 4.0 craftsmanship: the latest from SCM in joinery

SCM presents “Blade Off”, the predictive safety system for circular saws recognised with an award at the most recent edition of Xylexpo and the new compact 3-axis startech cn k machining centre 

Absolute safety and programming simplicity as well as control for artisan workers with less experience using tool machines. As well as the chance to benefit from all the digital advantages. The latest products from SCM in joinery, that received their world premiere at the most recent 2022 edition of Xlyexpo, meet all these objectives.


At the Milano Trade Fair, “Blade Off“, the exclusive technological solution applied to SCM circular saws, won the XIA Xylexpo Innovation Award in the “panel machining” category.

It is a predictive system of direct detection that eliminates any kind of accidental contact between the operator’s hand and the blade. This is thanks tosmart sensorsthat can identify and recognise the human body compared to materials that can come into contact with the blade. The system triggers even before the blade is accidentally touched or the operator gets too close, by activating a barrier that protects the whole danger area around the blade.

Should a possible collision situation arise, the system automatically excludes the blade and stops the program running, without damaging any partof the machine.

A further bonus, that makes this system even safer, is that the detection is not based on re-elaborations/predictions made by algorithms, nor optical detections that could be read as calculation errors or poor visibility of the video camera.

Furthermore,the protection is enhanced on 3 sides of the machine(piece entrance and side approaches to the blade) to prevent any kind of contact, even caused by inappropriate or accidental movements.

The system also activates with high cutting speed, without slowing down machining, and includes the possibility of an unlimited reactivation, that does not influence either the cutting precision or the machine’s performance.

Another important advantage is the possibility of viewing and monitoring the operating statusof the machine thanks to a useful led light positioned on the blade’s protection.


The startech cn k, a compact 3-axis machining centre, development for any kind of routing, decorations, scoring, production of signs and 3D model prototype made its début at Xylexpo.

This machine also provides machining in absolute safety: its integral cabin, with internal LED lighting, guarantees the operator’s safety and keeps the surrounding area clean, as well as dramatically reducing the noise produced by machining.

The 3-axis machining centre is unique in its kind with its 2.4 kW electro-spindlewith R25 attachment generally used on more powerful machines.

Another significant advantage is itseasy programmingthanks to the “open” virtual human-machine interface to import G-code from any kind of CAD/CAM software.

Furthermore, optional extras have been devised specifically to ensure no limits are imposed on the user’s creativity: the interpolating 4th axis (turning) that can be positioned on the worktable, the pneumatic suction cup kit to attach the piece (again on the worktable), and the detection sensor at tool height to guarantee maximum reliability.


Startech cn plus is the CNC drilling centre designed for SMEs as well as large joinery workshops that produce off-line or host prototyping departments. Indeed, the machine has 8 separate vertical spindles, 6 horizontal spindles, the blade in X and a version with milling unit.

One significant advantage is its excellent flexibility: furniture parts can easily be created without having to reposition the tools and without intervention from the operator to set up the worktable and machine when the panel sizes change.

Set-up and implementation times are reduced to a minimum thanks to a speed of 40 m/min.

Excellent advantages in small spaces: startech cn plus takes up just 5m2in space.

At Xylexpo, SCM’s CNC drilling centre was one of the leading solutions for the Smart&Human Factory for the artisan worker: an integrated cell for flexible and customised production from the raw material to the finished piece of furniture, including the invincibile si xcircular saw and the me 40tredgebander.

Three machines for an “orchestrated” work that dramatically reduces times and margins of error.


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