Serving the decoration and furniture sector by developing wood with passion and technology, AGT will take part in UNICERA, where the pulse of the Kitchen, Bathroom and Ceramic sector beats. AGT will bring a new vision with its kitchen furniture solutions and parquet alternatives at the fair to be held at Istanbul Expo Centre Yeşilköy on 7-11 November.

Leading the sector with its wood-based furniture and decoration group products, AGT is preparing to meet its solutions for kitchen and bathroom furniture with international participants by taking part in UNICERA.  AGT will now present its solutions for Kitchen and Bathroom furniture to UNICERA participants. AGT will also exhibit antistatic and water-resistant parquet products at UNICERA.

The products you will see at the AGT stand at UNICERA will be as follows:

Ceramic Sized Waterproof Laminate Parquet

 AGT laminate flooring, which is preferred not only in residential buildings but also in offices and areas with high traffic, will be at UNICERA with its antistatic parquet collections that are water resistant, differentiated from its competitors in terms of texture and colour options, and guaranteed for 25 years. AGT will exhibit its new natural surface Yoga and Marco Polo parquet at UNICERA.

Bringing a new breath to laminate flooring with its water-resistant Mood parquet collection, AGT will offer an alternative product on the floor to the fair participants with large-sized stone patterns placed in the Mood collection.

New Panel Collection 3P for Cover and Decoration Materials

The mat trend, which started to rise with AGT’s Supramat collection, gained a new dimension with the Premium Pet Panel collection. The 3P Panel collection, which brings the elegance of solid colours to the spaces, has started a new Premium kitchen trend with its textured surfaces. 3P collection offers functionality to kitchens, especially with its fingerprint-free and high scratch resistance.

AGT, Turkey’s CDF Manufacturer

AGT broke new ground in Turkey and started to produce Compact CDF, one of the newest board solutions combining the latest production technology with high quality and sustainable materials. Including this new product group at UNICERA, AGT will introduce the CDF collection produced with high density water resistant special AGT MDF to the visitors of the fair as a domestic manufacturer of this product, which is mostly imported in our country.