Another Turkish signature in Morocco.

Simpelkamp and Mdf Marpan company officials came together and started negotiations for the 1000 m3 Mdf production factory.
Mdf Marpan will be the largest Turkish & Moroccan joint venture in Morocco.
After 18 months after the first pickax was struck, the works for the production of the first panel in the factory continue very quickly.

The Moroccan partner of the company, Rabat Chamber of Commerce President Hassan Sakhi & Turkish partner, states that their goal is to meet all the MDF and derivative product needs of the Moroccan furniture industry. They stated that their next goal is to export the manufactured products primarily to neighboring countries, thus giving one of the greatest possible support to the Moroccan economy.

Mdf Marpan Project General Coordinator Mehmet Sen said, “Work continues to produce MDF and its derivatives at world standards in the factory. He stated that our first meeting was with Simpelkamp Turkey General Manager Hasan HAMAMCI and Simpelkamp Sales Manager Konstantin Putintsev. He states that if the negotiations are completed positively, they will start working with Simpelkamp on the establishment and commissioning of the factory.

The meeting was hosted by Hassan Sakhi Mdf Marpan partner and Turkish partner, under the supervision of our Rabat trade associate, Turkey.

As Orsiad newspaper, we will continue to follow all the developments about our sector in the world for you. We will continue to convey to you all the developments and more about Mdf Marpan, which was established in Morocco.