As it is indicated in its vision statement, ATHOME Furniture has unique and elegant designs that address needs of consumers in different parts of the world. As a young and dynamic company ATHOME Furniture is both a producer and an exporter of fine home furniture. As the mission statement reveals the company uses modern technologies to produce quality, elegant and functional products to appreciate consumers with different cultural backgrounds from different countries.

ATHOME Furniture concentrates and expertise in producing bedroom sets, young room sets, dining room sets, bed, base, wall units and cloakrooms. Also, the company, based on its customers’ demands, does residential and commercial projects. Particularly hotel furnishing is one of our areas of interest.

ATHOME Furniture is committed to keep up its machinery technology with the latest world standards. Our company operates totally automated production lines with new generation German and Italian CNC machines. As a result of use of modern technology, in part, ATHOME Furniture sells its products over 30 different countries with many distributors in each country. Most of our customers are furniture wholesalers.