Bigger Demand & Interest for Easy Assembly and Sustainability Solutions

“With the easiest and smartest way to transport and assembly new furniture, Threespine® is the logical choice for furniture producers”

Founded in 1993, Välinge is one of the leading IP and R&D companies in flooring and furniture industries today. From launching the original mechanical locking system, Välinge Innovation has now been granted over 3500 patents for floor, furniture, and surface technologies and has over 300 licensees across the globe using their innovations.

Threespine® click furniture technology by Välinge Innovation has made furniture assembly time-saving and enjoyable for everyone. During SICAM, we met with Patrik Carlsson, Business Developer Threespine at Välinge and had a chance to talk about the furniture industry.  

-Based on your fair experience, how is the general furniture business after the pandemic? 

Since Sicam Fair was the first “real” trade fair for fitting suppliers in Europe after Covid-19, my visit there gave me the insight how much bigger the demand and interest are in finding Easy Assembly and Sustainability solutions now are after the pandemic. It was high up on all the furniture producers’ agenda and perhaps the biggest theme for the fair.

I guess it is a result of a year with very high consumption on furniture right now and together with how hard it is to book vehicle and containers to ship all furniture in. To find a way out of this problem the furniture industry is more interested in Ready To Assembly (RTA)/Flat pack solutions. With smart RTA/Flat pack solutions producers can ship so much more products compere with Factory Assembled (FA). So, that is a big change in mindset at many furniture producers because of this transportation challenge.

So, for Välinge and Threespine®, it was the best possible theme and fair to inform more about our tool-free easy assembly technology Threespine® for RTA/Flat pack solutions.

-What is Valinge’s current and near future agenda for the furniture business?

We are in a good position right now, we have an all-time high demand in our Threespine® Click Furniture technology, and we are constantly developing new solutions for furniture industry. We have some really awesome solutions that will see the light during 2022. The high interest for Threespine® is mainly because the technology is one of the few that can handle tool-free assembly, in a volume-based furniture production and that can handle a transition to a more circular business model.

Since Turkey is a very important market for us we are currently adding more people in to our organization to work with the increasing demand that coming from so many furniture producers in your fantastic country.


-What are the advantages of Valinge’s Threespine®? How does it stand out in the market?

As many readers already know Threespine® is an award-winning technology that redefines the new era of tool-and-fittings-free assembly. Threespine® Click Furniture technology is a completely new and innovative way to assemble furniture — taking the hardware, heartache, and heavy-lifting out of the equation. The unique, patented Threespine® click joints mean furniture can be assembled tool-and-fittings-free and up to 8–10 times faster than furniture with traditional fittings.

The unique Threespine® click joint opens up a whole new world of possibilities that designers and furniture manufacturers are enthusiastically embracing. Threespine® technology brings with it the freedom to combine different materials and thicknesses, implement beautiful mitre joints, and create high-quality designer furniture that can be assembled easily and correctly anywhere.

With Threespine®, the promise of combining high-quality and ground-breaking design with a simple, safe, and sustainable solution has become a beautiful reality. In the end, all this means that if you are a furniture producer that really want to offer your customer the easiest and smartest way to transport and assembly their new furniture´s, Threespine® is the logical choice.