Enhance water resistance with new 5G® Hydroguard™

Välinge has launched a new locking system for enhanced water resistance at DOMOTEX in Hannover. With the new system 5G® Hydroguard, floor producers will now be able to make life easier for their customers.

Välinge continuously develops and improves floor locking technologies to answer market needs and to enhance customers’ floor experience. 5G® Hydroguard™ is a perfect example: a 5G Fold Down locking system tailored to provide enhanced water resistance by preventing water from penetrating into the seams of the floor panels.

”This is the first truly water resistant 2-piece fold down system on the market,” says Per Nygren, Executive Vice President, Välinge Innovation. “With greater protection to withstand the mess of everyday chaos such as spills, this innovation makes floors both incredibly easy to install and to live with.”

The NALFA 48 hour surface swell test (24 hours with waterpillar and 24 hours recovery) has been used to assess the water behavior of floor installations with 5G Hydroguard. In wood-based floorings, the locking system contributes to significantly lower edge-swelling, thereby ensuring that the floor both looks and feels better despite being subjected to wet mopping, accidents and other events from everyday use.