EPLF, creates task force for laminate flooring recycling

EPLF General Assembly: board election and sustainability high on the agenda
Brussels, 9 May 2023 – During this year’s General Assembly in Dresden, the members of the European Producers of Laminate Flooring Association (EPLF), re-elected Max von Tippelskirch (SWISS KRONO) as chairman of the Board, Ruben Desmet (Unilin) as Vice-President of the Board, and Eberhard Herrmann (CLASSEN) as Board member. The three of them will steer EPLF for another two-years.

The General Assembly was also the opportunity to discuss plans for 2023. The focus will continue to be on sustainability in general and recycling in particular. Building on the successful “Made with Wood” campaign launched in 2020, EPLF will put the spotlight on the sector’s carbon neutrality journey with those two topics. Expect to discover more on how laminate flooring can be recyclable and reused, its simple construction, the part it plays in the cascading use of wood, and more.

In parallel, the association launched a taskforce to discuss recyclability and circular economy of laminate flooring and upcoming challenges and opportunities. Its members regularly meet with the aim to make progress as a whole industry towards sustainable solutions for laminate floorings.

EPLF embarked in 2023 with a total of 50 members: 15 ordinary, 24 associate and 11 supporting.
About EPLF: Established in 1994 in Germany, the Association of European Producers of Laminate Flooring represents the leading producers of laminate flooring in Europe and their suppliers. The focus of its work revolves around research, development, standardisation and representation at international trade fairs. Its management has moved to Brussels since November 2019