EPLF members sales grow by 5,3% in 2021 


For the second year in a row, EPLF members have continued to prosper thanks to their focus on innovation and sustainability

In 2021, EPLF members’ sales growth persisted with an increase of +5,3% compared to 2020, and a total of 483.4 million m² of flooring sold. Members had already benefited from the consumer craze for DIY and interior design in 2020 by growing their business by +2,7% compared to 2019. Despite the difficulties in sourcing raw materials and the disruptions in the supply chains, EPLF members have shown extraordinary resilience, and a capacity to seize any opportunities to foster business growth. Looking at the global markets, Latin America witnessed the biggest growth in 2021, with +61,5% in comparison to 2020, and 22.8 million m² of flooring sold.

Sales in Western Europe reached 231.5 million m² in 2021, an increase of +2,59% compared to 2020. In line with previous years, Germany remains our most steady market, with 49.4 million m² sold in 2021, despite a decrease of -6,12% compared to 2020. The second strongest market, France, grew by +13,30% compared to 2020, with a total of 42 million m² sold in 2021. Great Britain places itself in third position, despite a decrease of -5,72% since 2020, with 34.6 million m² sold this year.

In Eastern Europe, Russia, the biggest market continued to grow with +16,24% compared to last year, and a total of 53.6 million m² of flooring sold. Poland comes second with 30 million m² sold (+3,64% compared to 2020). Romania comes in third place this year, ahead of Ukraine, with a growth of +3,14% compared to 2020 and 9.8 million m² of flooring sold. Meanwhile, sales in Ukraine decreased by -18,63% (8.4 million m² sold). Georgia is the country to have experienced the biggest increase in the region, with +37,74% compared to 2020.

In 2021, North America experienced a decrease in sales, with the US witnessing -21,46% compared to 2020. Canada on the other hand pursued its growth, with +16,80% sales and 12.8 million m² flooring sold.

Contrary to 2020, Latin America, Asia and Australia/Oceania have all seen an increase in sales this year, with each region recording +61,58%, +30,45% and +12,78% respectively. Finally, all other countries however reported a decrease in sales of -22,59% compared to 2020 (and 1.81 million m² of flooring sold).

Consumers around the world are more and more aware of the sustainability challenges that our societies are facing. Laminate products are made with wood, our most renewable resource. By reducing their carbon footprint and managing their wood supply in an eco-friendly way, EPLF members positively contribute to overcoming today’s global challenges.