Fabrique Natural Genius by Marc Sadler

Marc Sadler signs Fabrique, the new Natural Genius collection by Listone Giordano whose innovative surface treatments give the material a brand new personality, both in terms of colour and cross brushing technique.

Fabrique Natural Genius is a dynamic collection, born from deep research of the material, itself an inspiration for a new interpretation of wooden surfaces. The collection is also a tribute to Listone Giordano’s technological heart: Listone Giordano® multilayer technology, patented in 1983. Listone Giordano is the leading brand in the high-end wood flooring sector, part of the Margaritelli multi-business group. In addition to the passion for wood and technological innovation that have been the company’s hallmark for over a hundred years, respect for ethical and professional values have allowed it to establish itself on the market and achieve success, with a business plan constantly aiming for perfection, always seeking out original solutions and exploring the less travelled paths.

With Fabrique Natural Genius, the high-end multilayer wood in precious birch fibre takes on a new connotation and becomes a visible layer, transforming panelling into actual wooden fabric. The soul and essence of the material thus emerge on the surface, giving it a completely new and surprising personality, providing dynamism, character and uniqueness to any space. Just like all the Listone Giordano Natural Genius collections, Fabrique redefines the classic aesthetic canons of parquet, consecrating it once again to the world of contemporary design.

Fabrique Natural Genius is available in six colours: Fumée Noir, Graphite, Ciment, Argile, Tabac and Corde, with Oleonature finish and Crystalcare antibacterial technology. Oleonature is a finish based on natural air-dried oils that provides a high level of protection and ease of maintenance thanks to a special protection treatment applied in the final processing step. Crystalcare is a broad spectrum antibacterial protection that automatically defends the surface from microbes and pathogens, thus protecting everyone’s health.­

A French designer born in Austria, Marc Sadler has lived and practiced in France, the United States, Asia and Italy. One of the first “esthétique industrielle” graduates at the ENSAD in Paris, with a thesis on plastics, he has been a pioneer in the experimentation of materials and the sharing of technologies, which have become distinctive aspects of his work. In the early ’70s, he developed the first ski boot made of entirely recyclable thermoplastic material, later industrialised by the Italian company Caber. Today, thanks to his eclecticism, he is a consultant for companies in the most varied industrial sectors. He is a 4-time-winner of the Compasso d’Oro award (1994, 2001, 2008 and 2014), and was granted 2 Honourable Mentions (1998 and 2018) and 2 Selections (1994 and 2008) by the ADI Industrial Design Association; his work has been rewarded internationally many other times over the years.

Technical specifications:

Width: 90 mm

Length: 1200 mm

Total thickness: 12,5 mm

Thickness of exposed layer: 3,5 mm

Birch Multilayer Support: 9 mm