Häfele was at ZOW Fair Istanbul 2013 with ‘innovative’ products!

The sector leader of furniture, door installations and accessories, Häfele was at the Zow Istanbul 2013 Fair with its products that can offer different solutions that turns all living areas into ‘clever’ indoors.

Häfele, which is famous by its speed to present the innovations in the sector to the customers and the combination of the designs and functionality, exhibited its new products at the fair. Products such as slowing mechanisms, electronical furniture installations, kitchen pantry and drawer systems, lightening installations, bathroom accessories were atHäfele’s booth again.

The most prominent piece in this year is Ellipta LCD monitor porter that does not place too much space on table, moveable to left or right so everybody can see and relaxes the back and the neck.

Exclusive products such as golden and crystal bathroom accessories that the fans are having a hard time to find them, red sink, transparent furniture leg that can show dried- flower, pebble or any other personal stuff, are the products exhibited.

Higher-end use pantries that ease up the usage of the edge of the kitchen, transparent designs and the perfectly working mechanisms are the ones that made a huge difference among the products of dry food storage. Country style kitchen that are especially designed imbedded white goods, special edition, black colored curtain systems, pantries for country side houses, slippery kitchen doors for the small areas that lead covering the kitchen completely are a few of many different and assertive products.

It leads a new dimension to the living areas by the LED lightening to the furniture. Innovative lightening areas, its technology that is compatible and the solutions for the standards of mass production reflected its engineering knowledge.



Häfele, providing products that responds the needs of the customers with its designs and products thanks to its 88 year-experience-and-trustworthiness, targets to provide sufficient and fast service  with its  stores in centers of İstanbul, such as Yukarı Dudullu. Hafele that serves furniture,door accessories and installations in Turkish market, provides the first hand solutions that can answer business partners’ needs with its range variety of product which is more than 100 thousands.