Director General of Chemical, Textile, and Multifarious Industries of the Ministry of Industry Ir. Achmad Sigit Dwiwahjono mentioned Indonesia last year was ranked thirty one for innovation and ranked thirty two for business sophistication. In fact, “Indonesia is a top innovator in a developing country group,” he said, quoting an industry minister’s opening remark he had read just before the inauguration of the Henkel South East Asia Regional Innovation Center in South Tangerang on 18 January.

He further revealed the growth of non-oil and gas processing industry in the third quarter of 2017 by 5.49%. Growing above the national economic growth of 5.06%. “Indonesia is included in the top ten countries with the highest industry contribution in the world”.

The United Nation Industrial Development Organization ranked Indonesia nine as the largest value-added industry. “This can be a capital for in building a respected industry’s competitiveness”.

Last year’s ministry data on exports of adhesive, sealent and functional coating products reached USD41 million, while imports were USD170 million. “The balance deficit is expected to be reduced by the presence of Henkel Innovation Center which could trigger new products to emerge”. “Innovation is the key to the growth of economic growth and escape from the middle class trap,” he continued.

President Director of Henkel Indonesia Lucky Lee said the Henkel South East Asia Regional Innovation Center is the first facility in the adhesive industry in the region. This is a milestone and a strategic step of Henkel Adhesives Technology to combine technical and innovative capabilities under one roof to strengthen customer relationships and create added value.