İkoor Mobilya

With its highly qualified technical staff, facilities and equipment, Ikoor has completed many turnkey projects with the pride of full customer satisfaction, being meticulous in application and committed to the highest standards in the industry. Ikoor is an innovative company, dedicated to research and development. It’s policy is to design, plan and punctually supply, at the lowest cost, with minimum loss or error, and at a state of the art service and quality

level that will fulfill unconditional customer satisfaction, a range and variety of environments, spaces and products which will meet the needs and aspirations of people and establishments  in their living spaces. Ikoor personnel are highly qualified in project planning, management, manufacturing, contracting and application.

Adres: Yıldızevler Mahallesi
722. Sokak 7/A
06550 Yıldız
Çankaya / ANKARA

E-posta: [email protected]

Telefon: +90 312 490 90 77 – 78

Faks: +90 312 490 90 79