Hürarslan Mobilya

Consumer satisfaction with the principle Hürarslan, İnegöl leading manufacturers of modular furniture and sating groups.Who coose to become specialized in the production of a modern-style furniture and seating groups, and each day a new step in this regard by 1987 which is based on the foundations of our organization.Since 2004 the brand has established with a professional staff Hürarslan Furniture. The orginal designs, as well as individual and site-spesific production is in line with consumer demands.Our goal is to model a large number of rich color and fabric options to spice up your life and makingit easy for you prepare a more livable spaces.Consumer indispensable quality and robustness of our happiness, as indispensable to ofter economical prices for all our products enter the 2 year warranty.High standarts of domestic and overseas production capacity to reach many regions we ofter products to our customers.As our organization has done so far then the most important commitment is to keep the highest level of service and quality standarts.

Adres: Mesudiye Mah Yıldırım Cad. No: 55(Ankara Yolu) İnegöl / BURSA
Telefon:+90 224 713 93 66
Fax:+90 224 715 88 36
E-POSTA:[email protected]
E-POSTA:[email protected]