Did the designers from the early 20th century know, as the first effects of modernism invade our lives, that they have formed the foundation of a great school?
Modernity was inspired by the rapid development of industry and brought us a lot of materials. The products became the derivatives of the furniture industry. The need for design and new trends in the furniture industry grew. The companies create with their own styles and segments brands.

As the brands create styles and point of views, the sense of modern style still besieged our lives.
Modernity ruled our lives. As a result of all these trends Homesse was founded to bring a new perspective and give another interpretation to the modern style. Our initial goal was to determine a continuous style, which should always be modern and to make this known all over the world.

We aimed high-quality design concepts and to develop a life philosophy, which includes the functional and ergonomic concepts. We have created our upholstered furniture, away from the fashion concept, out of stylistic products. And therefore we have produced dynamic products for living environments.
And today we became a preferred brand.
For decisions in the future… Homesse Conformity

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