LVT 3D-Core Technology Jointly Developed by Välinge & HOMAG



Välinge presents a new machine concept for LVT products at this year’s DOMOTEX asia/CHINAFLOOR in Shanghai. Välinge jointly developed together with HOMAG a machine to produce LVT products with the cost-saving 3D core technology.


The LVT 3D-Core technology by Välinge is a method to achieve cost savings by reducing material consumption and increasing transportation efficiency. The principle of the technology is to mill grooves lengthwise on the backside of the LVT board. By subsequently recycling the removed material in the production process, raw material consumption can be reduced with up to 20%. The technology also results in lighter flooring products which, in turn, enables improved transportation utilization as the same transport volumes can be filled with more square meters of products.


The production equipment, also called grooving unit, used for the LVT 3D-Core technology has been jointly developed by Välinge and HOMAG. The unit can be used as standalone or inline with profiling equipment and has a capacity of 30–100 m/min. The unit on display in the Välinge stand at DOMOTEX asia/CHINAFLOOR is the first unit ever to be shown to the public.