Moscow Interior and Design Week achieves success with first edition

The first Moscow Interior and Design Week, which has transformed almost all of Moscow into an exhibition ground, signalled that it will be an important event for Russia and the surrounding region with the business potential it creates. The event attracted 200,000 people from numerous different regions, including Türkiye.

The events of the first Moscow Interior and Design Week, which took place from November 1 to 6, ended in the capital of Russia. During these days, more than 350 companies found new partners, customers, and buyers. VDNH Pavilions 55 and 57, the Digital Business Space (DBS), shopping malls, museums and historic buildings of the city were the central sites of the exhibition.

Within a week, more than 200 thousand people visited expositions of Moscow Interior and Design Week. Visitors learned about the latest achievements of Russian companies in the field of interior and architectural design, furniture production, interior and decor, and manufacturing of finishing and building materials. The event, which lasted for 6 days, has shown that it can also play an important role in strengthening the Turkish-Russian and regional textile, design and architectural industries relations, and exploring new opportunities.

Over 200 world-renowned experts from various fields spoke within the MIDW Business Program. Among them were Karim Rashid, an industrial designer of Egyptian origin (USA/Egypt), Yusuke Takahashi (YT Architects/Japan), Deborah Mendez and Igor Macedo (Tetro/Brazil), Amir Kabulov (Kazakhstan), Ashot and Armine Snkhchyan (SNKH/Armenia), and Sofia Gizerskaya (Sappho clothing and interior brand, Uzbekistan).

In addition, leading industry experts from China – David Chen (URBAN REVIVO), Douglas Newkirk (architect and interior designer), Teo Rojas (Brandon) and Billy Elliot-Wong ( – were among the speakers at the Moscow Interior and Design Week.

The event saw eighteen agreements made between various companies and development centers, including:

  • The cooperation agreement made between National Pulse LLC (UAE) and Rocket Group LLC to enter UAE market.
  • The cooperation and joint activity agreement made between KED Group and Mass Furniture and design (Turkey) for delivery of furniture worth 1.5 billion rubles

The total amount for all agreements signed at the event was 7,7 billion rubles.

More than 85 Moscow shopping malls hosted the Moscow Interior and Design Week exhibition program featuring leading companies not only from Moscow but also from other Russian regions. Thanks to this event, visitors had the opportunity to learn that Russian companies can offer products of no less and sometimes even superior in quality to foreign-made ones. At the same time, company representatives themselves say that such events accelerate the development of the industry as a whole and help the participants to discover opportunities for creating new and strengthening existing business partnerships with other manufacturers.

Over the course of the exhibition, Yandex.Market – the general partner of the Moscow Interior and Design Week – was taking orders for furniture, decor elements, and other materials from exhibiting manufacturers, applying a special discount to each of them. The marketplace also ran a corner at VDNH Pavilion 57, where they presented its latest solutions for a comfortable online shopping experience.

Moscow Interior and Design Week was held with the support of the All-Russian nonprofit organization Union of Russian Designers and the Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development of Moscow.