Another brand new product from BETA Kimya: “APEL Edge Banding Adhesive – BK 515”

APEL, one of the first brands that come to mind when it comes to adhesive in Turkey with its 35 years of experience, added another product to its edge banding adhesive products used in furniture production with woodworking machines. APEL Edge Banding Adhesive which stands out from its competitors with its special formula developed by BETA Kimya’s R&D team, offers many benefits in a single product, from the healthiest and most efficient operation of edge banding machines in the production process to the adhesion strength of edge bands used in MDF, chipboard or hardwood boards.


The new product of BETA Kimya, APEL BK515 Edge Banding Adhesive, has been specially developed for the continuous and most efficient production of machines used in edge banding processes. APEL Edge Banding Adhesive, which saves time and cost in production with its special granular structure that prevents clogging caused by the softening of the granular adhesive that may occur in the adhesive chambers and crucibles, especially, in top-feed edge banding machines, ensures that the edge bands adhere homogeneously to the wooden surfaces with its excellent surface wetting advantage.


APEL BK515 Edge Banding Adhesive, which can be used safely with PVC, ABS, Solid Wood, Kraft and Laminate bands, provides strong adhesion and long-lasting results on the applied surface. APEL BK 515 Edge Banding Adhesive, which offers the opportunity to be used in all medium and high-speed edge banding machines, enables the edge bands to hold on to the surfaces for many years even when the furniture is exposed to extreme heat and sunlight with its high heat resistance feature and prevents opening of the tapes.


APEL BK 515 Edge Banding Adhesive, which is based on EVA and has a natural resin odor, prevents heat-induced particle clogging, especially in machines with crucibles/funnels, and prevents carbonation or burning of the adhesive in the machine chamber over time due to the temperature.