Nobel Group

Our firm started to produce door and furniture accessories 38 years ago in scarce conditions.
At the moment, over thousands point of sales, millions of products are being presented to our people’s benefit by our company.

Besides, our products received too many buyers in 35 country.

Reached World standarts in quality of products and services, our company, to be open to innovation, economic development without compromising the priciples of supply and will continue to be a Pioneer. We are determined to have a World scale standarts of our institutional trade worth. And we are progressing with confident steps in this way.

We are servicing door handles, door accessories, furniture handles, furniture accessories , furniture fitting elements, furniture supplementary elements, profil systems and mechanisms for aluminium and inside decoration to the in and out market.

Qur Vision
To develop our quality and products by a permanent support of technological investments, is to ensure the high level satisfaction of our customers by means of new desingned quality products and perfect services,also its to be the leader in domestic and regional markets but at the same time to be a Worldwide company which has a sustainable growth.

Our Mission
To give the priority to the satisfaction and trust of our customers and sharers,is to make use of our resources efficiently,is to keep the quality of our products and services at the highest level, and thus to leave to the next genarations a Worldwide company that is perfect by every means.

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