Piazza Digitalization: Focus on Consumer Trends!

At this piazza, interzum 2019 will showcase the benefits of the fourth industrial revolution and how future expectations can be met. On this piazza, interzum 2019 makes it possible to experience the benefits of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and how future end users’ expectations can be met.

How can digitalization be used to meet the end users’ expectations of furniture production and interior design? And what role do interzum’s products and solutions play in this? These questions will be addressed by interzum 2019 in its new Piazza “Digitalization: Focus on Consumer Trends!”. This is where interzum exhibitors showcase their products, services and best-case examples from their day-to-day business.

Physical products with digital components will be represented as well as new business models and solutions in which digitalisation influences design, production, sales, logistics or recycling.

The Piazza’s guiding principles are three essential, globally valid consumer trends:

  • Conscious and sustainable living: Smaller living spaces, sharing of living and working space, sustainable production, use and recycling, renting instead of buying.
  • Personalisation of furniture and living landscapes: modularity of furniture, sensor technology for individualised products, new experiences in the selection and production of furnishings. In order to experience trends such as Hygge, Lagom and Homing, living spaces are adapted. Custom-made furniture or modular constructions meet the customer’s need for more individuality.
  • Digitisation in furniture: Robots have long since taken over routine work in living areas, sensors and IoT technologies (Phygital House or Smart Home) control various functions and data that are processed with the aid of artificial intelligence (AI) offer individualised solutions in the personal environment.

“Here you have the opportunity to experience products equipped with digital components, preliminary products or digital development, manufacturing or sales solutions for the furniture industry at the Piazza” concluded Dr. Gerd Wolfram who works at the team organizing the Piazza.