SCHATTDECOR = Different, Successful and Innovative

Schattdecor, a company that’s famous for its unique and successful products has achieved even more success with its innovative approach during 2013. Recently Schattdecor took part in the 2013 SICAM in Pordenone with 35 decor highlights in contemporary colourways from its 2013/14 trend collection. At its booth, harmonious accentuation was provided by 19 key solids from the second edition of its Unique Colours collection, plus the successful decor printer underscored its digital print expertise with six new Digital Visions decors. Schattdecor also drew attention to the finish foil and melamine film expertise of its Italian subsidiary in Rosate with two modern oak decors – Sanremo Oak and Woodmen Oak – that bore witness to the plant’s capabilities in the area of post-impregnated foil. Customers were particularly impressed by Noce Moscato, a new decor developed in homage to the Italian furniture market in an up-to-the-minute trend colouration. In addition, dark, almost ebony-coloured oak structures, as epitomised by Chesterfield Oak, were contrasted by fine and elegant-looking pale decors in the same woodgrain.

These and other decor highlights that Schattdecor put on show at the 2013 SICAM provided a reliable outlook on the trends of the coming year. The Schattdecor squadra led by Sales Director Franco Lozza also focused on Rosate’s expanded offerings in the area of printed and surface finished decors. Over the years the Italian decor paper printing plant has built up expertise in finish foil and melamine film, and today is equipped with not only decor printing presses but also three impregnation lines for post-foil and melamine film. These will be joined by a fourth impregnation line next summer.


On the other hand, the successful trend forum that was organized last year for furniture designers working in the Iberian Peninsula, recently took place in Thansau, Schattdecor’s center in southern Germany. Most of Spain’s leading independent furniture designers accepted the invitation to share their news, ideas and achievements. In this event they were greeted by Dorothy Vreven and Andreas Bruckbau from the Southern Europe Sales department. This trend forum was a good opportunity to explain the Schattdecor design process and the latest market trends to the participants and to share creative ideas about the decor in Spain and Portugal. This program was also adapted to discussions about trends and presentation of observations with different opinions. Schattdecor’s Design Director Claudia Küche made the company’s presentation on the design concepts based on perspectives of designers and research as a tool.

The company has announced that personnel changes are also in the offing at the Rosate plant, as its current executive manager Dieter Hüttlinger will be taking on new tasks at Schattdecor AG in Thansau as of January 2014. His successor will be Marco Aquino, Technical Director to date, who along with Sales Director Franco Lozza will ensure that Schattdecor Italia not only continues to develop along successful lines but also remains a dependable partner for its customers.