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Founded in 1955, Selective furniture is a furniture for more than 57 years, operating in the field of furniture and decoration. It aims to be a national brand in this field with its stores, where a serious future design is accompanied by its entire collection of wide product range.

With our 57th anniversary in the sector, we will continue to fulfill our customers’ requests in line with their demands with a structure that has adopted quality and trust as a principle since the first day.

Selective furniture, which has succeeded in bringing together quality comfort and ergonomics in every design, continues to show the same precision and dedication to every product. All of its designs are one of the most important factors in delivering its own and patented customers to the original designs.

1. Bedroom sets  
2. Dining room sets  
3.TV units  
4.Cool sets  
5.Corner seating groups  
7.Accessories vs 

Knowing that design and ergonomics are two complementary elements; we will continue to present the qualities our customers deserve by bringing out new products under the light of the quality factor. We can comfortably tell our customers based on our 57 years of experience that we can provide quality aesthetics and trust and continue to make our customers benefit by choosing us as our customers and choosing us as a result of all products under the light of these experiences. We will.

In addition to all of these, we provide interior design services with experienced interior architects and custom designs and applications on projects. As you know, we provide furniture decoration and interior architecture services to fulfill the requests and requests of our valued customers.

We are serving with 2 stores in Ankara Sites and 1 store in Samsun. In addition to this, we will serve with different concept products, consisting of the new Mid Century store which will be opened in Ankara sites, with daily provencial haute cauture, colonial and 100% massive products. SEÇME furniture, which has acquired quality and confidence as its principle, will continue its growth with sure steps with the newly opened 4th concept store in this sector.

Demirhendek Cad. No:114 Siteler/ANKARA

Tel: 0312 349 54 87 – 0312 348 61 44

Fax: 0312 351 02 40

Email:[email protected]