Starwood accepts new DIEFFENBACHER plant one month ahead of scheduleTurkish wood-based panel manufacturer uses MyDIEFFENBACHER digital service solutions

On October 10, exactly one month before the contractually agreed upon date, Starwood signed the acceptance of its new DIEFFENBACHER particleboard plant in the Turkish town of İnegöl.

After installation began in January, Starwood produced its first board on July 9, almost six weeks before the scheduled first board date of August 19. Less than two weeks later, three-shift operation began and the first guaranteed plant parameters were achieved.

Starwood CEO Hüseyin Yildiz was delighted with the progress of the project: “Together with the DIEFFENBACHER team, we pushed the limits in terms of delivery, timing and other aspects. We’ve gone beyond my expectations. Starwood learned a lot in the process, and the newest lesson was the power of teamwork with DIEFFENBACHER.”


Starwood extends its digitalization solutions with the MyDIEFFENBACHER digitalization platform. At its new İnegöl plant, Starwood uses DIEFFENBACHER’s MyCockpit and MyMessenger systems. Following a smooth implementation of the systems, a two-day on-site training session equipped Starwood to take full advantage of the MyDIEFFENBACHER platform.


With MyCockpit, plant operators monitor plant availability, productivity, efficiency and other parameters. The system displays a real-time overview of important production data on a smartphone or tablet.


For service issues, the plant staff uses the easy-to-use messenger app in the MyMessenger system to contact team members to solve problems or to report service cases to DIEFFENBACHER for instant help. A major advantage: Both sides can write in their native language; the app takes care of the translation.


“MyDIEFFENBACHER is the perfect add-on to our self-developed digitalization solutions and will help us save time and money,” explains Hüseyin Yildiz. “With our new plant, we are taking on a pioneering role in the digitalization of Turkey’s wood-based panel plants.”



Image: Acceptance of the new DIEFFENBACHER particleboard plant at Starwood in İnegöl, Turkey. From left to right: Ralph Fink (Project Manager, DIEFFENBACHER), Veysel Belirtin (Site Manager, DIEFFENBACHER), Dr. Cihan Ayla (CEO, Hanex), Hüseyin Yildiz (CEO, Starwood), Torsten Ussat (Head of Order Management, DIEFFENBACHER).