Välinge’s R & D Center Hosts Unique Installations

Välinge has the world’s leading R&D facilities for flooring and wood engineering. Its R&D center comprises–among other things–pilot production, lab facilities, exhibition space, and a climate chamber.

At the moment, a unique herringbone installation can be seen in the company’s climate chamber. Välinge’s enhanced 5G® enables flexible installation options of patterns such as herringbone. With its glass fiber-reinforced tongue placed on the folding panel, 5G fold down installation offers this versatility for wood and laminate floors. LVT, WPC and SPC products down to 4 mm thick, can also be easily installed as herringbone, square basket or parallel rows with the latest 5G-i technology.


Thanks to different humidity and floor heating, Välinge has the possibility to test locking strength and gap openings in the floor over time. This type of unique and unmatched R&D expertise helps the company further improve locking technologies for its licensees.


Another good news is that Välinge’s website for 5G® is online at www.5gfolddown.com now! The new website features installation videos and demonstrations of how the technology works and much more.


“Thanks to the big tolerance window, the installation works smoothly. 5G is more forgiving and can be installed without having to think about adjusting the tongue in the perfect position. The locking strength is superior thanks to the flexible plastic tongue. BBL have worked with Välinge for more than 10 years. I am impressed over Välinge’s R&D department and the technical orientation. Välinge constant focus on new developments reassures us that we have the best locking system!” says Field Shaw, General Manager Vinyl Floor Division at BBL Floor.