Woiss Mobili

The Turkish furniture company Woiss Mobili is known for its unusual design in the style of “ultra modern – avant-garde”. The company was founded in 2009 in Istanbul (Turkey) by two creative people – Volkan Aktas and Ismail Aktas and quickly achieve world recognition. To date, the Woiss Mobili is an innovative furniture production facility located in Istanbul and a chain of branded showrooms in Turkey, Europe, Russia, Azerbaijan as well as hundreds of completed interior design projects all over the world.

The historical richness of Istanbul was a source of inspiration for poets, artists, designers and writers in every period of history. When being listened with the ears of an artist seagulls flying off the coast passing through the unique Bosphorus actually throws inspiration cries. Halic offers us a great wealth under the Topkapi Palace on the outskirts; as named by the west the Golden Horn.

Istanbul’s wealth from history also taking behind us since we were founded in 2009, in order to create a comfortable environment for luxury life style we are trying to do our best in the fall. Istanbul’s artisans so sensitive, so impressive the magic of Istanbul, Istanbul’s inspiring line up of people of our most aesthetic, most comfortable, we continue to offer you the best quality products.

Furniture, witnesses the environment we live in, every moment offers us comfort and makes us feel home like Istanbul. Embraces us for us to live our best moments. Furniture while being such a special reason, we are preparing yourself always showing new collections with all due diligence to make you feel special.