Zett Dekor

Design is a Turkish brand that continues on its one-lane race in the field with its high gusto and innovation oriented culture.

Zett produces lifestyle, not furniture.

To be a strong, reliable global brand that designs, changes, embraces differences, and makes this journey together.

Every space in which a person is in contact with his 5 senses is a world.

“Design the world, change the world”

Our main mission is to change every world we touch with the motto.

In our sector, in our products, processes, service, and quality, we achieve success by creating our own rules on all molds and taking the risk of using unconventional methods.

With our users, our dealers, our suppliers and our team, we are a brand that makes a difference, makes a difference and adds meaning to life.

We use our concept of “luxury accessible”  lifestyle with the power we have acquired from design and production together as a guiding light for our journey to become a global brand.

Gürsu Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Taşlıyol Caddesi No:6 Gürsu, BURSA

Tel: +90 224  371 66 69

Fax: +90 224  371 66 69 

Email: [email protected]