Zivella Ofis Mobilyaları

In the mid-1980s, 
our goal in the journey that started in Rize was to gain power from the locale and 
create global value . The ethical 
values we value as much as our dreams have been a guide for us. 
have not 
forgotten that Zivella’s employees are the founders of the company and that they are the customers who are able to gain new experiences every once in a while . Having completed 
its technical and mental 
sub-structure with its own unique product structure , Zivella has evolved into 

brand complementing valuable venues both domestically and abroad with its products in the process . 
In this catalog you will see our products 
which we are finally revealing as the reflection of the value we give to our customers we are responsible 
We aimed to make our collection from changing fashion and trends, 
connecting with the user, taking 
care of the social change of the urban person, and creating a place-related product 

are aware that our incompleteness is motivating for renewal and future-oriented work . We will continue to grow in a continuously renewed building that keeps pace 
the values ​​we have as Zivella and keeps pace with the speed of time and 
manages all its processes using the advantages of technological developments 

Masko 7/A Blok No: 40-42-44
İkitelli – İstanbul / TÜRKİYE

T: +90 212 675 11 22
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