Aracıkan Koltuk

Aracikan Company, serves Inegol since 1990.Strategy and a marketing approach that produces or sells quality products and customer satisfaction , conducts its activities in a closed area of 5000 m2. Aracikan Seat, and produced in a modern style with classic Sofa sets and is able to cater to every customer from every walk of life. In order to adapt to changing living conditions and evolving customer demands and increase production capacity to 2.Organized industrial zone in 20.000 m2 open, 12.000 m2 closed area aims to continue its activities. Sunday is the true and real goals, smart and principled understanding of marketing strategy and holds promise in the international market with quality production. Without sacrificing quality,relaxed and to be able to create a comfortable living space with all of you on behalf of We continue.

Adres: Yeni Diriliş Caddesi No:13 İnegöl/BURSA/TÜRKİYE
E-Mail: [email protected]
Telefon: +90 224 718 50 70
Fax: +90 224 718 50 41