CookStation On the Road

Dedicated to nostalgic globetrotters and adventurers, to innovators and all those who love to travel far from the madding crowd, the first Cookstations arrived at FPM – FABBRICA PELLETTERIE MILANO. The Cookstation is a genuine portable kitchen in a “suitcase”. Part suitcase, part kitchen, this is a functional solution where nothing is taken for granted so that it meets the modern nomad’s every need, where private life and work intersect in the spaces and situations of a different future.

After the Workstation and the Bedstation, the new Special Edition designed by Marc Sadler enriches the Bank Collection. “I travel, I think, I work. For contemporary wandering travellers who will reinvent their way of living following a new nomadism and a dynamic transformation” says Marc Sadler, the designer.

The Cookstation, equipped with a cook top and a refrigerator, will allow even the most discerning travellers to achieve perfect efficiency, so as to satisfy last minute cravings for “tea in the desert” or a spontaneous midnight picnic for two in the great outdoors. A hymn to Sadler’s innovative inspiration that, with its unique fittings, transforms your suitcase into a nomadic and flexible space. This alchemical mix combines the freedom to express an out-of-the-box lifestyle with the very best in mobile structural architecture, translated into ultra-high-tech, designer luggage.

Quality and style comes first. From the inside of the suitcase to its outer shell, ultra-durable materials guarantee flexibility and agility on the move. In addition, the dual wheels ensure maximum stability in quintessential Bank Collection style.

The Cookstation, augmented with the latest products from KnInudustrie and Kitchen Milano, had its world premiere presentation inside Giuliano Cataldo Giancotti’s labyrinthine artwork devoted to travel, “Ricerca del sé” (Searching for Oneself) during Milan Design Week.