Design without thought control

“Design creates emotion” is the official motto of the surface specialist Hornschuch for 2014. As the world market leader for furniture film and artificial leather, the HornschuchGroup proves that good, high-quality design makes the difference. The surface specialist presents extraordinary innovations.


For ZOW, the surface specialist company Hornschuch chose the title of the 2014 Brand & Product Experience as a programmatic motto: “Thinking outside the Box”. This means design without restrictions on free thought, unusual creations for which the designers thought unconventionally and saw the bigger picture. Hornschuch presents the result in the form of an avant-garde looking piece of designer furniture at its trade fair booth, an eye-catcher that symbolizes openness and the pursuit of new topics. The company plans to beautify sophisticated living and contract areas even more with its products. The goal is for customers to increasingly perceive skai® furniture film as a high quality surface for all applications, which contribute to interior design in the broadest sense.



The new design skai® Sangallo Elm, a delicate reinterpretation of the traditional elm, which Hornschuch presents in cooperation with Süddekor and Kaindl, makes a connection between manufacturing and high-tech. The name Sangallo goes back to an influential family of artists and master builders in the 14th and 15th century, to which Italy owes a multitude of famous structures. skai® Sangallo Elm radiates natural liveliness and is therefore suitable for all fine living areas. Available in six fresh colors for now, including Stone Grey, Sherry, and Lava, the elegant design will appeal to many.

Bild 7_Pino Aurelio limy

The innovative wood pattern skai® Sanremo Oak stands for the trend toward new originality with its unspoiled character and brushed optics. The rustic appearance of skai® Sanremo Oak with the very natural-looking LEGNO embossing is marked by alternating wind checks, which emphasize the natural character. The design is also available without wind checks, making it somewhat more peaceful and harmonious.

Bild 12_Missouri Walnut spirit NOCE

Grand seigneur
A fascinating wood design, which tells stories: Hornschuch is presenting skai® Pino Aurelio at the Mebel. The design was created within the scope of the “Surface Factory”, which Hornschuch founded last year with the design partners of the Surteco group. It is impressive with its expressive elements, which are typical of conifers. With its subtle wind cracks and weathered colors limy, nature, grey, desert, and stained, it appears gracefully aged.

Ill. 16_8_colore classico_korallenrot

In decor associaton with Schattdekor, skai® Missouri Walnut opens a new chapter beyond the oak trend. The rustic elegance of the new product looks extravagant and extraordinary, yet familiar. Large flowers, fine, sharp walnut pores and wind cracks characterize the appearance. The perfectly balanced color scheme discreetly emphasizes the plank transitions. The wood design looks high-quality and crisp, but is impressive due to its natural rustic character.

Ill. 16_9_colore classico_curry

Sparkling and iridescent, the fantasy design skai® Murano is almost a perfect likeness of the famous Italian crystals. Bewitching in its transparency and simultaneous density, it shows refraction with overlay effects. The various layers and lines create new levels and open the third dimension. The crystals flowing into one another result in an effect of depth, which is similar to a crystal-clear lagoon.

Ill. 16_10_colore classico_aquablue

Loner and team player

With a large selection of trend-oriented solid colors and the numerous combination possibilities with innovative design surfaces, the skai® colore collection creates inspiring accents in any room. The variety of colors makes combination with the trendy skai® wood and fantasy designs perfect. But the solid furniture films also exude inspiration, style, and class in the design of furniture and fittings when used alone.