Environmental awareness puts Liteback® core technology in the spotlight

The increased search for more environmentally friendly solutions has resulted in a continuously growing interest for Liteback® core technology by Välinge. 

Liteback technology enables thermoplastic flooring products to be made up to 20% lighter by milling grooves in the core. The material removed in the process can be recycled for production of more flooring, thereby reducing material consumption. Increased raw material utilization and more lightweight products enable more efficient transportations. This means that Liteback opens up opportunities to significantly lower the levels of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere.

“We have noticed a significantly increased interest in Liteback over the last year or so. When we present the numbers to producers and retailers, the reaction is that Liteback is a natural step forward for them to both lower their own environmental impact and to offer their customers a more sustainable alternative”, says Per Josefsson, Director Plastic Floor Technology, Välinge Innovation.

Up until today, seven machine units used for milling the grooves – so-called “grooving units” – have been delivered to customers out of which a majority are installed in China. To meet the increasing demand, further machines with various specifications to match requirements for speed, product sizes, etc. are in progress.

Välinge and licensees such as BBL, are currently promoting Liteback at the on-going International Surface Event (Surfaces) in Las Vegas.