Organic Flooring With PURLINE

Already successfully placed in the real estate business as rolled product, the organic flooring PURLINE will now focus on end consumers with a sophisticated trade offensive. The fully certified and already multi-award-winning organic flooring has recently been presented to retailers in 40 gorgeous designs and four different plank and tile formats.

Whether PURLINE is taken from a roll or used as a plank: with its excellent product properties, the non-shrink bio-polyurethane floor from wineo® can always be used whenever anti-static, hygienic and chemical-resistant properties promoting healthy living spaces are required. Just like its rolled counterpart, which was recently awarded by the German Design Council with the “interior innovation award 2014”, the “green” planks are glued over their entire surface and, with 2.5 mm product thickness, are enormously restoration-friendly.

PURLINE is the first organic flooring worldwide that is not only thoroughly ecological thanks to the use of rapeseed and castor oil and the natural filler material chalk, but also unbeatably sustainable due to the considerable savings on water and care products it affords over its entire service life. PURLINE meets the highest standards for healthy living spaces and is also odourless and emission-free. Its production dispenses entirely with chlorine, plasticisers and solvents, meaning that no potentially harmful substances can be emitted.

With a level of use class of NK 43, PURLINE is extremely durable, and its molecular surface structure makes it extremely stain-resistant and therefore easy to clean and care for. A lifetime cost analysis demonstrates a savings of 30% compared to conventional elastic floors. Thanks to the material-related duroplastic recovery behaviour of PURLINE, impressions made by continuous pressure points can be balanced out, allowing PURLINE to regenerate back to 100% after only a short time. Even heavy objects such as cabinets and beds leave no permanent traces behind.